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Re: Does It Get Better???

Ashes to Ashes: Why haven't we seen Ballard before? I sure don't remember her. This episode would have been far more meaningful if she had appeared earlier in the show and a relationship had been established between her and Harry. This episode doesn't have two feet to stand on.

Child's Play: 7 is becoming more human all the time. It's fascinating to watch, and I thought she was the real star of this episode. With that said, these Borg children have started to grow on me, so this episode carried much more emotional weight for me than the previous one. The twist at the end with Icheb and the pathogen, and his parents using him as bait for the Borg was unexpected. Solid offering all around.

Good Shepherd: Janeway gathers together the misfits of Voyager for an away mission! A lot of really great character moments in this one. Harren's scenes were especially great, in particular his scene with Tom in the lounge area. Each of the misfits had a nice character arc. Very satisfying episode.

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