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Re: Seasoning Season 8

I don't think it'd be a good idea to have a two parter that demonizes capitalism. Capitalism only fails when the government intercedes on behalf of big corporations to help maintain their monopolies, or when capitalists commit fraud. Ferengi in real life would do really well for a little while then fall flat and lose everything. If anything, it might have been nice to see some cultures that actually benefited from interacting with the ferengi.

Successful capitalism is the art of creating situations where people gain from benefitting you, and that's not the MO of the ferengi we saw in the series at all. Ferengi capitalism is just hegemony of the greedy.

And in the Federation due to replicators there's no scarcity of resources, so no need for wheeling and dealing, if anything the ferengi are only able to retain a capitalistic society by creating artificial shortages. (The same way the diamond industry keeps diamonds pricey).

For TNG season 8 I definitely would have had a more definite resolution to the Romulan arc, which had a recurring storying in the vein of Sins of the Father/Reunion/Redemption.
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