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Re: Crew age and nu-Trek

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My impressions upon watching TOS was that Kirk, Sulu and Uhura were about the same age...
I don't see that, since Kirk was a seasoned captain and Sulu and Uhura were just lieutenants. Kirk was young for the captain of a capital ship, but still had more than a decade of service behind him.

In reality, Nichols is just a year younger than Shatner, while Takei is six years younger. But Zoe Saldana is two years older than Chris Pine and John Cho is eight years older!

That's a horrible explanation, IMO. Chekov is clearly supposed to be the same guy from The Original Series.
In theory, sure, but "clearly?" We don't have as much evidence for that as we do for some of the other characters. Spock Prime never recognized him on sight; and of all the characters, he's the one whose birth comes latest after the timeline divergence, where changes in history would be accumulating more. So of all the characters, he's the one it's most logical for.

It's much easier to say Chekov Prime underwent some relativistic time dilation that his alt-self didn't -preserving their different ages and giving a common birthdate.
I don't think that's easy at all. It's a totally ad hoc assumption of a rather convoluted set of events. Conversely, the idea of parents in two different timelines having different children instead of exact duplicate ones makes a wealth of sense and arises naturally from the alternate-timeline premise (indeed, realistically it'd be all but inevitable), so it's actually a much "easier" explanation.

And really, does it even matter whether they have the same birthdate? It's not a date on a calendar that defines either version of the character, so I don't see it as something that needs to be the fixed benchmark that everything else is arranged to preserve.

Not that it really matters either way, of course. It's unlikely to come up in any future films; it's just a matter of what the individual fan prefers to think.
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