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Re: DS9's 20th Anniversary

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They should call it Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Typhon Pact: The Fall: Revelations and Dust. Rolls right off the tongue.

Regarding the whole how much a logo really matters thing - I don't really care normally about such things, it's just a logo, what's important is the story.

However, in this case, the fact that novels haven't been labeled as DS9 for so long is indicative of that series' stagnation, for reasons which have been discussed at length before. Fortunately, DS9 has continued on in TrekLit crossovers/events, with great writers continuing those stories. But I would still like to see the continuation of DS9 outside of the wider TrekLit events (which themselves owe much to the DS9 relaunch in some ways), not for DS9 to be simply subsumed into the wider TrekLit world and loose its identity.
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