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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

INS was a letdown after the fantastic FC. I didn't like how they essentially regressed Data after his development in the previous 2 movies (what's the deal with his emotion chip, anyway? It can be removed now?), I didn't really like some of the corny jokes (i.e. boobs) and I just didn't think that it lived up to its title as the Admiral was clearly in the wrong and, apparently he wasn't entirely operating with full sanction and was easily overridden by the Fed Council, so it wasn't like the crew took any huge risks in defying him- aside from the fact that they were in a fairly remote part of space at the time. Not to mention, the Son'a were mostly just a bunch of goons and didn't make particularly memorable villians (though it would have been interesting to explore their ties to the Dominion in DS9). I will say, though, that it was still mostly enjoyable. I loved the space battle at the end and the dialogue was mostly o.k. I liked the debate between Picard and Dougherty. Another thing that I liked was that they kept the "changes" that happened to the crew. Riker and Troi got back together (and got married in the next movie) and Geordi kept his eyes. Ultimately, it just didn't add up to much though but like with most of the Trek films I'm usually able to enjoy some of the better stuff and weed out some of the other stuff
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