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Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

Fire your phasers at the aliens we're trying to establish peaceful contact with and apologize for our fellow humans killing!

Torres will never backtalk me again, I showed her who's boss and that I wasn't going to put up with that.
Chakotay: Actually, Captain Janeway promoted her to Chief Engineer. You'll be reporting to her now.
Carey: Damn her to hell!
Doctor: Torres or the Captain?
Carey: Yes!

Then she was like BAM! And I was like WHAM!
Paris: Didn't I tell you, you'd have a great time at that brothel?

This crap is why Chakotay gets high all the time? Vision quests are boring! There's no one to torture!

Bitch! How am I supposed to get a guy to notice me with you flaunting yourself around in that catsuit?
Seven: Your figure is irrelevant. Adapt or be assimilated by no one.
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