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Re: internet campaign to restore star trek final frontier starts

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TVH was a fantastic place for the TOS films to end, and TNG was at the height of its popularity.
1. Nimbus III - Why oh why on Earth was this shithole of a planet chosen for such an important meeting place for galactic dignitaries? You mean to tell me there was no other planet in the Neutral Zone better than this place?

2. The ENTIRE camping scene made me painfully aware of how old these people are and that they really shouldn't be making movies anymore.

3. Spock's half-brother, "who the hell is Lawrence Luckinbill, and how did he get this role?"


5. The Enterprise "being the only ship in the quadrant" thing has been done in other movies and shows before, but here it's just nonsensical.
IN reverse order from above:

They actually have fun with this, Kirk's "Oh please" could be any veteran audience member.

They couldn't get Sean Connery, Max Von Sydow or Klaus Maria Brandauer.

Nearing 60 might be painful but i don't know that it is old, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about here.

It's fairly easy to infer (w/o much rationalization either) that Nimbus was set up to fail, just from Warner's dialog. Shatner's delivery of the words "planet of galactic ... " also has the tone of "oh THAT place" which reconfirms this for audience.

TNG at height of its popularity? It wasn't even WRITTEN yet when TVH came out (and if TVH is your idea of going out on a high note, I gotta think you're high. It was a fine 'one viewing' pic that did a neat top itself/top itself again ending, but I'd hate the idea of remembering TOS films as ending in that appalling white N chrome mess -- sorry I mean redress -- of a bridge set, which looks like the template for The Abrams Thing's bridge AKA the cosmetic aisle in your friendly neighborhood Target store.
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