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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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Well, after TMP Spock finally realized his "Logic is better" stuff was all BS and it ultimately led to an empty existence, so he finally realized he'd be better off just accepting his irrational human side. He had a far more content life after that.
My point exactly.

In the end, even SPOCK, the culturally proudest, biggest racist, and most outwardly INDIVIDUAL of them all,...

finally relinquishes his freedoms of individual opinion, individual attitude, and 'His Right to be Different",..... and SUBMITS his will to the big agenda, through INTEGRATING and EMBRACING THE DIVERSITY of HIS "SELF",..

and finally finds 'complacency' in that submission,.. at least that's what the advertisement is repeatedly broadcasting, as literal 'PROGRAMING'.

Do anyone today actually still think that term "Broadcast Programming" was used by the Television Industry by sheer coincidence?

Bah!,.. or more properly "Baah,.. baah,...baah".

And that's the subtle and sinister message being subliminally implanted within the stories today.

What dark, "dangerous visions" to postulate, unless you simply don't know how read the real story.
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