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Re: Fringe Series Finale (Discussion, Spoilers)

Hey -- not sure if i need to start a separate thread on this...but i saw the Pilot last week on Science channel...a couple of random observations:

1) they noted there was a previous Fringe team...which apparently didn't end well. Was there any follow up to this?

2) Astrid was there in the beginning...but curious how she never seemed all that unnerved with the weird stuff happening (or Walter's behavior). There's a backstory that was never told (but should have been)

3) forgot that Nina was there form the beginning also, as well as mention of William Bell.

4) I was noted that Peter is a genius but a high school drop out...and it seems his talents were more in the business world/ semi-con-man type of work (though he WAS a professor at a university for a while before being exposed). That part seemed to be kinda ignored over the years (focusing more on his scientific knowledge)

I know there's been a lot that seems inconsistent over the years (such as the Observers)...but the characters "feel" the same from that pilot. It wil be interesting how they wrap it up tonight.
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