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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

Don't hold your breath. What I said, while directed at you, is applicable in general, hence my public post.

Plus - when someone blows me off, I want to make damned sure no one else is stupid enough to do so going forward.

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Your pending PM is most welcome.
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Warped - it depends. When it's on topic, that's one thing. But when it gets into personal attack and pissing matches and is veering off topic, that's when it does not belong.

People know the difference. And I'm not going to sit and split legal hairs, my time is too valuable. That comment is not directed at you personally but a general statement. Too many posters want a firm line, mostly so they can fuck with me.

Not happening.

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This forum is for TOS talk. If people want to talk generally about racism, there are other appropriate forums.
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