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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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Christopher, I'm earnestly curious. What do you think the "crazy idea" could be? Something that's actually "do-able", something they reasonably consider.
I'm not sure that parameter fits what Mr. Burnett actually said, which was, "There are plans afoot to bring The Animated Series to Blu-ray, and I have an idea that would be crazy to pull off, but if we could it would be really interesting." So it sounds like he's not very confident that his idea would be doable at all. Beyond that, well, the article says he's responsible for the special features on the Blu-Ray sets, so it's reasonable to think he's talking about an idea for the special features rather than some kind of alteration of TAS itself. As for what that could be, there's no further information on which to base a conjecture.
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