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Re: most "wrong" episode...

Well, I admire it because it doesn't just dole out action in lieu of story. I actually has a story it wants to tell, and we don't need to agree with the positions here. I'm not sure I agree with them, but the fact that the episode was made, the fact that the characters spent at least a little time talking about the issue, was only a good thing.

a stupid episode.
To me stupid episode is one that doesn't try, save to fill a deadline, like "Precious Cargo."

But if you enjoy it, I'm not going to condemn you for it. Like any work of fiction, it's subject to a variety of interpretations.
Thank you (no sarcasm, that's genuine)
See, the problem is that you are using your cards to show me what cards you have, and if you can't see that this is viciously circular, then there is no point in continuing
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