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Re: most "wrong" episode...

Are you forgetting the moral and ethical debate between Bones and Spock? Are you forgetting that this debate was furthered in the following film when David confessed that he used shortcuts in the device?

Based on what we know about evolution, Dear Doctor has problems. However, there are a few things to consider: We only have one data set (this planet) with which to derive our position on evolution, and can't speak to whether or not two humanoid species might develop on another world. But even if we can demonstrate the flaws (I think we can, so I agree with you on that) that's not the point of the episode. The point is examining what the implications of the soon-to-be prime directive idea with what we think is moral in the present. Which was why I brought up Good Will Hunting. There have been many episodes where the Prime directive has led to conclusions that are not moral. But they do tend to make the case that Starfleet or the Federation or whomever shouldn't be the arbitrators of their version of right and wrong where they have no business to do so. This episode puts this debate through the wringer and then some, and the fact that we can argue this point until the cows come home makes the episode great.

Star Trek has never been complete accurate on Science, but it does speak to the speak to the human condition
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