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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Just because you don't like something doesn't make it horrible. I honestly thought the writing for Farscape was one of it's best elements. And the cloned John storyline really was actually really good, and it lead to some even better stuff once they got back to one John. You really did stop at one of the best points in the entire show.
Really? From what I remember, Chiana was being a whiney, usless character, as always. Jool was showing me that Farscape writers could write a character worse than Chiana. Stark was going from an ok character to being the cause of most of the bad things that happen to the main characters. Talyn was still used as a lame way to get Moya into trouble, and Scorpius was still pretty useless, and had unclear motives.

Lindley wrote: View Post
Kind of figures seeing as he also skipped some of the most memorable episodes entirely.
Oh, yes. The oh so important Princess trilogy (aka story cliche #4567) and the second fake Earth story. I'm sorry if I didn't want to see another "someone has to marry a person they don't love, while their true love watched" story, which has probably been done by 90% of the TV shows with a love interest in them, or a fake Earth episode (wasn't the horrible A Human Reaction enough when it came to fake Earths). I think there were 1 or 2 other episodes I skipped, but the only ones I remember people caring about were the Princess episodes and Won't get Fooled Again. I have no regrets skipping those. I would probably have jumped through a window if I had been forced to watch WGFA, considering how badly I hated AHR and how horrible the goofy clips of it were on youtube.

In the end, its all a matter of personal opinion. Its fine if others think the writing is good. We don't have to agree. Heck, I like a lot of Star Trek Voyager, while some people say its a horrible series. To me, Farscape is a show that had a lot of potential that was ruined by bad characters and writing that was all over the place. There were some excellent episodes (like The Way We Weren't) and characters/ideas. There were also horrible episodes, characters and ideas. Those elements were becoming the majority of the episode, so I stopped watching.
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