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Re: Which book comes first?

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I have the same kind of question for Sword of Damocles and Greater Than The Sum.
I started to read the TNG relaunch a few years ago in the goal to read the Destiny trilogie. So now I'm at the point in both series TNG and Titan to read either Sword of Damocles or Greater Than The Sum. I believe I read somewhere that it's better to read Sword of Damocles before Greater Than The Sum, but I don't remember where I read that and why it was better in this order. Is it true or it doesn't matter? I checked on 'The Reading Order Flowchart from Thrawn and 8of5 and the two books are at the same level. So what is your advise?
It doesn't matter that much. They're in separate series and there aren't any direct continuity elements between them. There are only two reasons I can think of for reading Sword of Damocles first. One reason, a trivial one, is simply that it takes place earlier -- in fact, by my estimate it happens around the same time as Before Dishonor. The other is that it makes sense to get the pre-Destiny TTN novels out of the way before reading GTTS, because GTTS is the direct prologue to Destiny.
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