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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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I think one of the most interesting conundrums of the human condition, (and this was brought up in films like Good Will Hunting where the main character is giving the reasons he won't work for the NSA) is that we are constantly in this zone where we can either act on something because we think it's right in the present, or we can over-think things and not act at all, because we can attempt to formulate all of the future repercussions of that action. I think the point that Dear Doctor was making (in addition to just telling us more about Phlox as a character) is that humans are always in this uneasy precipice between these two perspectives.

as other people have pointed out over and over, "dear doctor" is NOT a smart or well thought-out episode. It uses a fundamental misunderstanding of evolution that could have been cleared up by a nine-year-old with ten minutes on wikipedia. It then USES this asinine understanding of evolution to justify an ethically monstrous decision and then pats itself on the back for its "message" about not playing God and in support of science. The fact that many Trek fans praise that episode for being "smart" is incredibly disappointing.
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