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Re: Best Star Trek games ever: 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites

Kind of wished Armada, Bridge Commander or one of the Starfleet Command's made it in that list. I disagree that they didn't feel so much like Star Trek. Yes, they were combat oriented, but still fell exceptionally well into the universe, IMHO and highly customizable with total conversion mods to increase overall playability.

I was always regretful that "Secret of Vulcan Fury" and "Borg: Assimilator" were never made. Fury, for the obvious reasons, but Borg: Assimilator was to be the first Trek-based game dedicated to showing a world purely from the Borg POV, expanding into worlds and assimilate their resources and people. Screenshots of the prototype looked promising, but that was towards the beginning of the end for Activision's run, though, for the Trek franchise and I think that game's premature death was the result of cutbacks and other internal issues prior to losing the license.
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