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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I'm enjoying the story, the setting, the art and overall it's a really good read. What I'm wondering now after this issue seems to have fully awakened the Johnny Nightmare dual personality that resides in Niman is will he become a full on Punisher recurring foe? Castle could use another one of those imo. Jigsaw is really the best is solo rogues has outside mob boss of the week. With Nightmare's healing properties, twisted psyche and mirror origin of Frank this could be a good semi-recurring foe for Frank. I like the idea but guess we'll have to see how this mini concludes.
This is why the Punisher doesn't work for me as a Marvel Universe character (but is fine as a Max character) - his only 'superpower' is that he is really really good at killing people - if he has a recurring bad guy, there is only so many times that Frank can miss blasting a guy's face off with a shotgun before you make him look like an idiot.
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