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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

All I'll be getting next week is Punisher: Nightmare #4

Which brings me to issue #3 which I just read.

I'm enjoying the story, the setting, the art and overall it's a really good read. What I'm wondering now after this issue seems to have fully awakened the Johnny Nightmare dual personality that resides in Niman is will he become a full on Punisher recurring foe? Castle could use another one of those imo. Jigsaw is really the best is solo rogues has outside mob boss of the week. With Nightmare's healing properties, twisted psyche and mirror origin of Frank this could be a good semi-recurring foe for Frank. I like the idea but guess we'll have to see how this mini concludes.

Savage Wolverine #1 - Not bad, not great, I'd generously say it's a notch above average but just a notch. Cho's art is always great but I feel for a #1 I need a bit more. I feel fine with the back ground details we got for Shanna and the SHIELD survey team. However, we got nothing for Wolverine and we should've got a nibble of an explanation. He's just dropped in like a character in Predator 3. Except instead of asking questions or discussing with Shanna the last thing he recalls about how he got here he just ignores it, heck SHE ignores it. She asks, "are you here to rescue us" which should be the point when some minimal explanation occurs but no, not here.
Plus the 8 month gap is a bit much. EIGHT months, no contact with SHIELD HQ, Kevin or anything. Yeah, the dampening field but an active recovery mission should be in place and I swear if after 8 months their best bet was to abduct Logan and drop him in as a last resort explanation it'll be lame. The time frame should've been a month or two at best.
I'll get issue two just to see if it picks up, otherwise this may be a best in TPB book. The concept can only last so long. Once they can get off the island Logan has ZERO reason to stick around. The pulpy feel is fun though and it was a better #1 than Thunderbolts by a long margin at least.

I know I'm likely the only person reading VALIANT here but Archer & Armstrong #6 was a really great read. The introduction of the new Geomancer in the VU. Their TPB's are really affordable especially at Amazon or IST, I'd recommend them for the curious.
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