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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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no. its a vile episode. phlox displays twisted immoral logic not seen since the crazy bad guy from Human Centipede and tries to say it was all 'space destiny' and mustn't be questioned. pathetic.

and if it was well told the arguements would have been in the episode itself. not 'oh there probably wasn't time'
The episode wasn't just about the situation on the planet. The episode was about Phlox and his relationship to the crew. The planet thing was merely a way to boil the pot. That subplot did bring with it it's share of controversy. But to call it a vile episode just because you disagreed with decisions that characters made seems to be narrow vision. The episode itself was far from careless. It was filled with subtle character moments and astute observations about the human condition, and I feel that every Star Trek fan would know enough to give it its due credit. But I guess some would prefer to throw a blanket over their head rather than look at the controversy- like a child that covers themselves and believes that if he can't see mommy, than mommy can't see him!
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