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Re: Recommend a good RPG?

Ood Sigma wrote: View Post
^ Thanks... I do have a Wii and have not played those games. So I will consider picking those up. I'm not inclined to pick up a PS3 just because of the cost and the fact that it's at the end of its life cycle.
I don't understand this logic. The successor to the PS3 hasn't even been announced yet. Sony only discontinued producing the PS2 this year. I think there are still even one or two more PS2 games yet to be released.

That's a console with a lifecycle of about 12 years.

The PS3's been out 6 years now. Sony anticipated a roughly 10-year lifecycle for it, so we're only about halfway through that. Yes, they will probably release another console in the next year or two, but games will continue to be produced for the PS3 for another year or two after that, plus you have the existing library to choose from.

Now, I don't know if there are (m)any good JRPGs for the console, but whether or not it's close to the end of its life makes no sense as a consideration if you don't care how old the suggested games are.

I get not wanting to spend a lot of money, but it's probably not that hard to get your hands on a used one, either, if you find a handful of games that compel you to want one.
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