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Re: American Comedy Vs. British Comedy "TV"

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They're all really really old.

Unless some of those shows are so new I haven't heard of them, about %20 are so old I haven't heard of them.

I live in a country with two channels and no reruns while I was growing up, so everything except Fawlty Towers and M*A*S*H* only aired once, and if you missed something, go fuck yourself.

Seriously, if something old was magically rerun, it was at a difficult time of day and a sheer treat.

Things have improved.

We have maybe 5 "real" channels now and an inexpensive Cable option that is nothing but 90 channels of rerun crap and reality asshattednes in syndication.

I'd like to give a shout out to two Britcoms that are so funny and no one talks about here...



Ironically one has the mother from one of the kids form the Sarah Jane Adventures and the other has the tv-dad of the same kid.

Life after science fiction.
Yeah, Black Adder is old too. The first series came out in 1983 and the last one in 1989. Hyfen_Underskor didn't mention age in his post. So what's your point? That you missed out on some American TV shows?
That's true that I didn't mention age, but that was my general idea. Those shows you mentioned were fairly common for the 60's, and pretty much ended there.

Although I never became a viewer of Third Rock From the Sun, and have my doubts that I would enjoy it, the show does have a similar storyline typical of the 60's where comedies did use unusual, non-conventional families (hillbillies in rich neighborhoods, cavemen transplanted into the modern era, witches, genies, goths, Universal studio monsters, etc.).
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