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Re: DS9, Worf and Continuity.

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So characters are not allowed to change their attitudes? Maybe Worf thought it was the honourable thing to do and raise his son on the ship?
I don't think I understand your question. The last we heard from Worf before he went to DS9 was that he did not want to be seperated from his son, that he wanted to raise him on the Enterprise ("Firstborn"). Then he makes an about face and decides to send him back to Earth with his parents, who'd already said they were too old to handle a Klingon child again. That obviously didn't work out because Alexander later runs away from his grandparents and joins the military ("Sons and Daughters")

On TNG, Worf's parenting was improving, culminating in his decisions about Alexander in Firstborn. DS9 pressed the reset button on all that and put him right back to being a crappy father. I get why they did it, one single father on DS9 was enough. It just added to the jack-assiness that I think characterised Worf on DS9 vs. Worf on TNG.

I have always felt that in terms of moving the Worf character from TNG to DS9, they really dropped the ball on Alexander. I agree with Tosk that he wasn't exactly missed, but giving him the boot in the manner that they did reflected badly on Worf's character. And then having Alexander come back and be a moron just made it worse.

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Klingons age at a different rate than humans. Hell, even when he was first introduced in TNG he was only a year old and already a bit big for his age. Then when they made hima recurring character in season 5 he would only have been two, yet he looked like he was six or so. Being a teenager on DS9 is consistent with what was established.
The idea that Klingons age at a different rate than humans was never established officially, just assumed by fans based on how Alexander was presented and the fact that it would make sense for children to mature faster in a warrior culture. It's much easier for the actors to interact with an older child than an infant or toddler (which is what Alexander should have been when he was first introduced).

That said, I do agree that him being a teeanger on DS9 was definitely consistent with his severe case of TV Rapid Aging Syndrome
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