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Re: DS9, Worf and Continuity.

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I think there are several other more worthy 'Worf to DS9' continuity nit-picks than this one. Things like this:

TNG (New Ground): Helena brings Alexander back to Worf on the Enterprise because she and Sergey are too old to handle him.

TNG (Firstborn): Worf adamantly opposes K'mtar trying to send Alexander to boarding school, arguing that his son belongs with him.

DS9: Worf sends his son to live with his now even older parents who didn't want the kid just a few years ago.
Never mind the fact that DS9's Alexander should be the age of, what, like 8? Instead we see someone who looks at the least like a teenager.
Klingons age at a different rate than humans. Hell, even when he was first introduced in TNG he was only a year old and already a bit big for his age. Then when they made hima recurring character in season 5 he would only have been two, yet he looked like he was six or so. Being a teenager on DS9 is consistent with what was established.
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