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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

The Invasion - Wow, yet another Cybermen Story and it's complete (well, with the animated episodes, it's complete in my opinion). I really liked this one, and had no problem with it being 8 episodes long, it was well paced. A shame I am so familiar with seeing Kit Peddler with Cybermen stories only, as soon as I saw the name, I suspected it had to be a Cybermen Story, it would've been nice to be surprised, but, it was still a great story, and I really enjoyed Isobel and the Introduction of U.N.I.T., Corporal Benton and Col Lethbridge-Stewart's promotion to Brigadier

The Krotons - This one was OK, definitely worth watching, but, probably my least favorite of the Troughton era so far (Other than The Highlanders, which pretty much bored me). The story premise was good enough, just something with the execution that didn't thrill me as much as most of the rest of the Trougton era.

Sadly only 3 more stories left in the Troughton era (I've seen The War Games before, but, that was on youtube with 3 chunks per episode, so this'll be nice watching it straight through an episode at a time, rather than waiting every 10 minutes or 5 minutes for the next chunk to load up)
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