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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Yeah that part of the plot was a bit dumb not very well thought out by the writers but i was so impressed that Archer kept his cool and wasnt immediately suspicious or hostile or doing something impulsive and irresposible that i overlooked/forgot about the complete stupidity of the whole 'you cant defend yourselves against hostile aliens even when they attack you' attitude of Archer and his crew.

As for the Naussicans i dont think they have a government do they? At any rate this episode has made me think that the Naussicans we see in the previous trek series are female and the ones in Enterprise are male and the two genders live mostly seperate lives and they reproduce like seahorses with the male carrying the offspring.

Dont ask where that theory came from it just popped into my head whilst i was thinking on how different the Naussicans are in Enterprise to how they were set up in previous series.
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