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Someone who has lived eight lifetimes should be above that sort of thing, shouldn't they?
I think taking this attitude about Dax (Jadzia Dax espically) is what made her so "Mary Sue" in the begining especially. Because she has had so many lifetimes she "should" be abover everything, right? Well, that would mean she has no flaws or conflict which means she's a know-it-all snoozefest.

If they had done a better job of showing that her emotional carelessness and inability to take things seriously was really not a good thing, it would have gone over better. I think they tried to do that through her relationship with Worf, especially in "Let He Who is Without Sin" but it just didn't hit the mark. Instead of showing that she needs to be more considerate of others it just made him look like a big uptight douche.

teacake wrote: View Post
I think what we see with beings who live a very long time is they get less tolerant and sympathetic towards normal emotions rather than more. She goes into a snickering Q mode at times because she just can't take this stuff seriously.
I agree. Having seen so much over so many years would make a person more detached, less emotionally invested and therefore less serious. After 350+ years, you kind of take on a "No big deal, I've seen this all before" attitude. I think a good character angle for her would have been to better highlight that having that attitude (which she did more and more as the seasons went on) makes it hard to form meaningful relationships with people who haven't seen it all. Admitedly, she and Sisko touched on this in their scene together in the wedding episode.
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