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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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KRAD said he had Endgame Janeway at least partially in mind when writing the character.
I never said any such thing ever in my entire life ever. I never even thought about such a thing. Trust me, on the list of Things I Was Thinking About While Developing Nan Bacco, elder Janeway wouldn't crack the Top 10,000 of that list.

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If I am not mistaken, I think Bacco was written with Kathy Bates in mind and even if I am incorrect, Kathy Bates is the perfect choice for Bacco.
You are mistaken, as Christopher said, though I think Bates could do the role. So could Helen Mirren, but that's mainly because I'm fairly certain Helen Mirren can do anything.

Jessica Walter? Interesting. Not quite right, but not bad, either.....
Jessica Walter definitely brings a more patrician attitude to the roles I've seen her in than I'd associate with Nan Bacco, but I was thinking about her in terms of her wit, her biting sarcasm, and her air of being in charge.
And now I really want to see one of the Protection Detail code named Duchess.
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