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We know that making shields bigger weakens them ("Mudd's Women" already established this), so this might make bubble shields less desirable than skintight ones. On the other hand, it would be easy to argue that stretching the shield over the complex shape of a starship will weaken it.

we've seen that they're real energy hogs. (Besides canon, why not otherwise run around with shields engaged all the time?)
This is the great mystery about shields: starship skippers will do just about anything within or without reason to avoid raising shields until the very last second. Yet once up, the shields don't seem to require shutting down within minutes; sometimes they can take hours of constant punishment. And we never actually hear of the shields consuming power when they are not being subjected to some sort of an attack, say, enemy fire, the crushing pressure of an atmosphere or a divine hand, the radiation of a star's outer layers...

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