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Re: The Caregivers' Thread

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His insistence on caring for her at home may be part of his grieving process. He now realizes how fragile she is. Giving her the best care he can is part of his telling her how much he loves her and dreads her leaving him. His inability to give her care to others may in part be an inability to let her go, whenever that may be. You will all be in my thoughts.

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I wish my dad would see respite care as a good thing, not something he needs to do "at some point."
I don't know your situation, so I cannot judge by any means. If you can even convince him to go out to eat or over to a friend's for a meal... that is a start and will give him that respite time. Perhaps he would let a family member take over for that short a time.

My brother doesn't realize how much it means when he calls to invite me over for a steak on the grill or out to eat. I've told him, but it hasn't sunken in yet.

Not a lot of people realize this. Every little bit helps, and he is also someone that you can bounce your fears and frustrations off of who will remember her in better times.
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