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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

I like that! It makes some sort of sense of the silly "intermix" notion, as well as putting the dilithium crystals in the category of "extremely useful" but not "essential" (since we know from Mudds Women that the ship can travel FTL either on batteries or by using the Converter Assembly to bypass the mains)

It has been postulated (by Blssdwlf I think) that some sort of "magic" function of the crystals was needed to provide some extra oomph to the engines - bathing the crystals in the roaring inferno of a fusion reactor does the trick for me!

The good bit is that it also provides a more natural transition into the TNG setup: Clearly, the "desk drawer" of the TNG warp core is some sort of mini fusion reactor that energizes the dilithium as the m/am makes contact with it, sending streams of "magic-ized" energy off to the engines.

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