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Re: Continuum (US) Season 1 Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Well, I didn't see Time Cop (even though someone once gave it to me on laserdisc!), and TimeTrax was so long ago I didn't even remember it until it came up here (stupid Blanco!), so this is not a rehash in my mind. I don't think it's particularly creative, mind you - a sci fi show that's set in present-day so they don't have to spend money on sets, props and scenery (I'm so thirsty for a good old fashioned space opera I could scream and throw some Farscape eps in the player).

That said, the production was good, the score was good, te script wasn't horrible, and I've been hot for Rachel Nichols since ALIAS. Don't tell my wife that's why I even bothered to suggest watching the show.

btw, the missus and I both also noticed that Nichols resembles Jodie from certain angles. Interesting. Hadn't seen that any other time I've seen her.
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