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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

Extremely random odds and ends:

Multi-lift "parking/shuffling" stations at key lift stops make plenty of sense, but there is also the ST:TMP fact of closely spaced parallel vertical lift shafts (see the Bridge and the Recreation Deck, possibly even situated one atop another) that we might well assume to be a feature of all other starships as well. No doubt there would be "double lanes" for horizontal movement as well. But not particularly closely spaced, as the shafts already consume ridiculous amounts of onboard space in a "single-lane" layout. Rather, there would be concentric circular shafts just like there are concentric corridors in the saucer, and a shaft serving one corridor would be paired with another serving the next corridor outward - or even the next-to-next one in the typical case, explaining why our heroes often see the need to walk at least the distance of one "city block" even when taking the turbolift to help moving from A to B.

"Terminus" stations like the Bridge would have a standby/shuffle system to ensure smooth service. Stations along the corridors would instead rely on a constant flow of cabins around and around the saucer, quite possibly including cabs that run empty on a "scheduled route", just for availability. Consumption of energy certainly shouldn't be an issue, and even wearing down of equipment might be acceptable if the cabs feature little in the way of mechanically moving parts and at most suffer from a gradual "degaussing of coils".

Regarding using gravitics for acceleration, it would appear that deceleration is already taken care of. You don't need to drop a steel anchor or a drag chute: any acceleration or speed provided by gravitics in Trek physics is "cheating", and when you shut down the engine, Nature takes it all back and stops you on your tracks. As we see happen to the little tugboats in ST4:TVH at power loss, for example...

Timo Saloniemi
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