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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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SCOTT (ST IV): We're ready, sir. I've converted the dilithium sequencer into something a little less primitive.
I figured since Scotty changed the dilithium sequencer it was a nice touch to have it look like he pieced the dilithium holder from another Federation starship.
Great point. Then it's dilithium-solid, now!?

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As to the floor casing of the TOS Engine room being the energizer, I would suggest that it is more the top of large energizer machinery that is below the floor. Kinda like how in TWOK that the crystals are on top of a shaft that leads down below to what I would imagine to be the energizers. I'd imagine that if Scotty in "Elaan" pulled the crystal holder out of the lift socket exposing the opening that radiation would probably pour into the engine room
Interesting idea. But I'm not yet sure regarding the details.

The problem: In "The Doomsday-Machine" and the ST II novel there is a clear reference to "main energizers" (ST II novel: "We're just hanging on, sir. The main energizers are out.")

Obviously, the main energizers play a vital role so the ship can have full phaser, shield and warp power, which we usually assume comes straight from the annihilation of protons and anti-protons and the reaction energy channeled through dilithium crystals (the antimatter particles have to have an electric charge, otherwise you couldn't contain these in a magnetic 'bottle').

According to TMP (and in general) we have this enigmatic "intermix formula" and there's been talk of a mixing ratio between matter and antimatter which makes no real science sense. One proton of antimatter will only annihilate one proton of corresponding matter, the formula is always 1:1.

It's rather the "sequence" of matter-antimatter reactions that will determine the yield of power, but then, that should be explicitly stated and I don't buy the theory that we are looking at yet another colloquialism.

What happens in a nuclear fusion reactor? You fuse lighter elements into heavier ones and in the process generate heat and electric energy.

Come to seriously think about, even in the 21st Century we are all still living in the "steam power" age as all can we can practically think of is to turn the heat from fission or fusion energy into steam to power turbines and generate electricity!

What would happen instead if you were to expose dilithium crystals to the energy of nuclear fusion????

Would you be able to convert the energy into some exotic energy necessary to add to the matter-antimatter annihilation plasma (intermix formula) and thus create the exotic energy to power phasers, shields and warp drive????

Apparently, by the time of TNG (or ST VI for that matter ) the dilithium crystals are a component inside the matter-antimatter reaction chamber but I don't see the necessity why this has to retroactively apply already to the technology seen in TOS and the first feature films.

I know this sounds heretic and unorthodox (as usual) but I think it may be worth further examination if it answers more questions than raising new ones.



I'm currently busy working on the interior engineering levels around Engineering Deck 11. The current working premise is that the interior service corridor seen in "In A Mirror, Darkly" reveals the (deuterium) fuel lines running into matter-antimatter reactor # 3, partially visible in the background.
Apparently, the power network of the TOS Enterprise is an issue that needs to be settled, as the aim of my deck plans is not only to be screen-accurate and make it look good but also add a sense of functionality that is credible / palatable.
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