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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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TNG+ didn't help matters much. If you ascend to commander or higher (Janeway, Necheyev, Shelby) then you must be an icecold bitch to get there.....much less so with Janeway than the other two admittedly.
Janeway became a war criminal instead.
Lol - I give the ladies a pass because Shelby was ambitious to distinguish her from Riker, who was stagnating - there are many male characters with similar traits but we notice Shelby because there are few high profile officers to choose from.

And I LOVE Nechayev. She came across as stony-faced and ice-cold but in fact she was putting on her game face to deliver orders from her superiors she didn't actually agree with. I bet she was great fun at parties and she was fascinating to watch.

And a lot of it is perception - I've seen many people label Janeway as bossy. Well duh. Basically, if they have more women, these characters will be part of a larger, general mix.

I don't give the transporter scene in NuTrek a pass because it lacked all subtlety. A brief (and I mean brief) TOS style finger touch which catches Kirk's attention would have preserved their professionality, have as much significance to the couple (Vulcans are telepathic), and could have been underscored when Spock tries to give her a final message later. They delayed quite a few precious seconds snogging and emoting when an entire planet was at stake. It was dreadful.

You make a good point about spock/uhura snoging at the transporter scene. Some people didn’t like it. however they felt that they will give it a pass because there was a chance she will never see him again.(him going on a death mission and on).

Others said they should have done the finger touch thing which is equivalent of a Vulcan kiss. JJ and the writers did have that in mind however they felt that many of the movie viewers who knew nothing about Trek wouldn’t understand what it meant so JJ and his crew decided to have spock/uhura kiss like any normal couple.

More proof again that the 09 film was made to appeal to the masses
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