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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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Seriously, this quite a blurry line. When people are talking about something like racism (or some other topical subject) within context of the show it's inevitable to bring in real world examples and experiences as a comparative standard from which to assess the accuracy or calibre of what we're seeing onscreen. If you can't discuss comparative examples from the real world then the discussion of the subject at hand becomes essentially meaningless.

If the examples and ensuing discussion are "on point" in regards to the subject discussed from within the show then it's definitely relevant and cannot fairly be prohibited.
Considering STAR TREK was specifically designed to be - by its intent and in its execution - a vehicle for the writers to comment specifically on our 'Modern Society' - through the use of parallelisms and allegory - by examining the human condition, and more specifically, the human experience against a futuristic backdrop.... Without which, not only makes any discussion 'Meaningless', as you say, but is totally contrary to Roddenberry's original intent; and is wholly against his personal writing philosophy that the "only STAR TREK story worth telling IS when its "personal".

Which is why the examination of topics like RACISM, CULTURALISM, WHATEVERISM, be it against SPOCK, or KIRK, and thereby inciting a thought provoking exchange of ideas, opinions. and perspectives - was the real MAGIC of STAR TREK.

Gene knew people of ANY race, culture, religion, or whatever would carry their DIFFERENCES of their INDIVIDUALITY into the future,.. and if MAN was to remain MAN, and the Human Race survive as a species, they were going to have to figure out how to 'get along' DESPITE those differences,...

and not by pretending they do not exist - or speak of them - or embrace them, through submission of the mind, free will, and individuality -to the point of becoming a mono-colored, mono-thinking , mono-cultured, mono-everything,... humongous Amoeba of no distinctive characteristics, personality, or perspective.

That is Ultimate Slavery in its worst form; it is the complacent acceptance of slavery of the HUMAN SPIRIT.

But, until I receive an initial PM from T'Bonz, and get these 'new rules' clarified and defined, I am not sure if I can even personally thank ANWAR (The Ram) for sharing his PERSONAL opinions on SPOCK, based on his first-hand experience with RACISM in the MODERN WORLD,.. where in the USA, it is true many Elementary and Junior High Schools now forbid one team to WIN - as the other team would by default be the 'Losers' - And, even though he forgot to answer my question if he shared the same opinion as I do regarding the hypocrisy of SPOCK wearing a UFP uniform ::AHEM:::

It is only through the understanding of each others PERSPECTIVES which is going to get our DIVERGENT species through the Aeons; and that can only happen through the exchange of our opinions, attitudes, and personal experiences in a censorship-free society.

Roddenberry knew that; that's why we even have such a show to TALK about today.
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