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Re: Going Veggie

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Last night I made a tomato soup that turned out delicious, plus I was so filling and I made so much that I had food for tonights dinner, and tomorrows lunch and dinner if I feel like it!
Oh, do you have a recipe? That does sound nice!
I do, but I don't have the time to translate it right now. Will get to it later on and post it in this thread.
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That sounds delicious! Though I might see if I (and this gonna sound like sacrilege) will remove the beans. Or at least not do as much of them. I know, I know, no chili without beans, but I'm not a huge fan. Luckily bro is so he might eat mine.
On the contrary, m'dear, there are those who would say that anything that has beans is not chili! So you prefer an all veggie chili-esque stew? So what, make what you like! Another healthful, but non-vegetarian creative spin would be to use ground turkey breast or chicken breast and make a bean-free chili.

I am also a big fan of making soups. They allow for endless variation and creativity, it is easy to keep them healthful, they are cheap, and easy.

I don't know if they sell Better Than Bouillon in your area, but I'd highly recommend it. It comes in vegetable, not-chicken, chicken, beef, and lobster. The quality is top-notch, and unlike dry bouillon it doesn't leave that obvious, bouillon-y taste. It makes soup-making so easy! And when I'm sick, there is nothing better than boiling a kettle of hot water and pouring it over a spoonful of Better Than Bouillon.

I made a really nice tarragon chicken and veg soup a couple days ago, myself.
I'll play around a bit then! Might make the chili this weekend when I have some time for it too cook properly.

I didn't use to be a big fan of soups but my mom recommended it recently and I read trough this book of soup recipes that she has and found several really yummy ones. I did notice afterwards that most of them where tomato based. No surprise since I love tomato.

We have sort of a liquid bouillon that's called "fond" (roughly translated to "foundation"). I'm going to buy me some of those next time. The cube base worked but with the liquid one it will be even better.

Will see if I run out of the soup today or if I'll be doing something else tonight ^^
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