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Re: Seasoning Season 8

  • I would have liked to see a continuation of the Ensign Sito subplot of "Lower Decks." It would have been nice to see her turn up alive at some point; perhaps she was in prison on Cardassia and made her escape somehow. I know it was the intention of the DS9 writers to continue this and they never did, so TNG would have been a logical place to do it.
  • Let's just assume that Generations never happened (thank god). I would like to have seen an episode or arc that properly fleshed out Guinan's past, her exile, and her relationship with the Borg and Q. That would have been something to see, as opposed to the topical dressing we got in the film.
  • In continuation of the previous premise, I would have liked to see Data perhaps try the emotion chip, but have it fail and almost cause a cascade failure, a la "The Offspring." Although, the episode should end with Data realizing that he does have a very limited degree of emotive ability anyway (and there are countless examples of this throughout the series)--maybe his positronic brain has formed new connections over the span of his lifetime to the point where he does have some emotions already, even if he thinks he doesn't (he just doesn't have a frame of reference to prove they are emotions). This is a good opportunity for metaphor--the idea that taking shortcuts isn't always the best course of action. Data realizing he's already making progress without resorting to a quick fix would be admirable.
  • Speaking of which, Lal's lifeless corpse is still onboard--it would have been nice to see a continuation episode of that. Maybe Data finds another Soong-type expert or associate of Soong's that could help him repair Lal. I don't know, I just liked Lal so much.
  • More Ensign Ro. More encounters with her would have been great--obviously now that she is AWOL and full-time Maquis.
  • I hesitate to bring back the insects from "Conspiracy," but it was such a bizarre dangling thread that the writers never followed through on. Maybe there would have been a way to make a logical conclusion to it. Maybe they just worshiped the Borg as gods, and wanted to be assimilated? I don't know--that probably doesn't even deserve an episode.
  • A proper ending to Worf and Troi.
  • I really would have liked to see Picard get promoted to Admiral, or him leaving Starfleet to be an archaeologist, and Riker taking command. Riker had been first officer way too long already, and his refusal to take new commands became comical after a while. And seeing him in, say, Insurrection, still a first officer, is outright absurd.
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