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Re: most "wrong" episode...

that the Menk are supposed to survive, and will only be allowed to properly evolve and prosper if they are not tied to the Valakians. Phlox explains that the "disease" is actually an inherent flaw in Valakian DNA; they've reached an evolutionary dead end. Archer demands a cure for the Valakians, saying he doesn't agree with Phlox's point of view. Phlox reveals that he already has a cure.
The next day, Archer enters the medical facilities. Phlox tries to again state that he does not believe that they should interfere with the natural pace of events on the planet. Archer cuts him off, and makes the statement that he has reconsidered the matter, and that he agrees that the Enterprise and the human race did not go to the stars to play god for other species
1. So Phlox *isn't* playing God by saying 'one race can only evolve and prosper if the other dies out'? Please. You could justify human diseases too by saying "they prey on human DNA weaknesses. How TF are several species on Earth supposed to evolve when the top species on the food chain is killing off other species will nilly. Let humans die out !!"

2. Phlox's race doesn't have a Hippocratic Oath? REALLY? Can his ass. I don't want my life jeoperdized by the moral whims of my Chief Medical Officer.
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