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Re: So you're commissioned to write an actual Star Trek book...

I'd written a synopsis and pitch for my "first" Trek novel...but I've yet to get an agent and submit it.


Set during Season 7, DS9--shortly before "Penumbra". Sisko recieves a vision from the Prophets of a coming attempt to "divide the land". A mysterious young Bajoran questions Garack about means of mass destruction--and both are attacked by members of the Cult of the Pah-Wraiths. It turns out the young man was a former member himself--and left upon discovering a plot to "cleanse" the land.

Soon after, a massive reservoir is desroyed by a "dirty bomb"--bringing a massive flood of radiation-tinted water to an entire province. As Bashir and Ezri spearhead a recovery effort, Sisko, Kira, and Garak must uncover the full plan of the Cult--before the Prophets' warnings come to tragic fruition....

Along with the action-adventure main storyline (and a hint-of-romance-to-come subplot involving my favorite couple ), there is a direct parallel to the ongoing War on Terror (something which, in retrospect, makes storylines involving the Cult and the Circle from the series quite eerie in their ahead-of-time parallels...).

BTW--anyone else notice the decided lack of TrekLit set during DS9 Season 7? I almost get the idea that the novel writers didn't care for series-Ezri too much--hence the near-total "re-vamp" for the relaunch....
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