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Re: Jadzia


I'm not a hater of Jadzia--I could easily see her as a "gal you could have a beer with", discuss sports, etc. You know, "one of the guys".

Still...I do find her constant "irreverence" quite off-putting. She constantly goes out of her way to make jokes at the expense of everyone and everything she can--and when someone dares to bust her chops, she acts all offended!

There's also the running gag that whenever a secret a regular wants to be kept--and it gets spread around the station...the explanation almost invariably is that "so-and-so told Dax"--"Oh, well, yeah--that explains it."

And then, there's the constant mind game she seemed to enjoy playing at Bashir's expense--spinning him around her finger, and snickering all the way. *sigh*

In short, she has respect for precious little--while she seems incapable of laughing at herself. In both elements, Ezri is far superior.
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