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Re: Painters: Need help impressing a girl.

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Completely different girl in my new Creative Writing class wrote a poem for me. She was being a smart ass about a conversation we were having, and it wasn't creepy at all. So, everyone that disagreed with the basic premise of other thread is also wrong. I responded by writing her a poem where I picked on her for being an Objectivist, which was funny and also not creepy. Then she started telling me about her sexual tastes and that was mildly creepy, but awesome. Still, for being a Randroid, Other Girl is actually pretty tolerable. My point is, Doubty McBuzzkill is bad at everything and should feel bad.

I think your exuberance makes people want to throw cold water on you.
So that's why people are always randomly throwing water balloons at me? I figured they were doing it because it's funny. It doesn't matter though, they always miss.

Also, my attempts to be concise when posting probably make me come off as more manic than I really am.
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