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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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While I still hold to the opinion that the treatment of women in Trek09 with laughable, I do give kudos to this new movie in letting Uhura take on a more prominent role that I hope will be more than just benefiting the male characters. Like in the comic books that IDW have been releasing where she defies even Kirk's orders to save Spock and everyone on the Galileo Seven.
It wasn't exactly laughable - I had my head in my hands. However, the comics are inching towards a more balanced approach. If that represents a greater awareness that they need more women, that they should stop replacing pre-existing female characters with yet more men, and that they need to update the women to give them more balanced roles, then this may filter through into the on-screen franchise. I will prepare a rant just in case they fail spectacularly again. If I'm honest, I'm expecting token female syndrome again, where the women are only given roles relating to sex/relationships with Uhura and Marcus obscuring that fact by being visible at the top of the chain.
TNG+ didn't help matters much. If you ascend to commander or higher (Janeway, Necheyev, Shelby) then you must be an icecold bitch to get there.....much less so with Janeway than the other two admittedly.
Janeway became a war criminal instead.
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