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It's great to hear that you're feeling so much better, J. Hope it continues!

teacake's description of her childhood reminds me of my wife's, in that she was raised by a hippy single mom. Eating meat or sugary cereal was how they rebelled as teenagers.

We eat meat now, but we're actually trying an experiment due to rising grocery costs. Instead of buying meat at the grocery store, we're going to try only buying at the butcher. It's more expensive, but the inconvenience of making that extra trip, and the extra cost, has naturally motivated us to move in a more vegetarian direction. Plus, the meat we do eat tastes better, and is more of a treat. I once heard someone advise using meat as a seasoning rather than a main course. That always stuck with me as an interesting perspective.

Anyways, we have a few curries we make (Chana Masala being the most recent, with homemade naan bread, yogurt and a cucumber salad), as well as soups. I love making soups.
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