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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

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Taking this movie strictly on its own terms I don't know that there's more to explore. Sure Dredd didn't take his helmet off but why?
Because Dredd's helmet does not come off. Okay, seriously, he is briefly seen without the helmet in the opening scene showing him getting the gear on. Of course, the scene isn't well lit and the helmet-less Dredd is shot from behind. It's my understanding that whenever Dredd has his helmet off in the comics, similar tricks are done to avoid seeing his face.
I probably should've switched the order of those lines. I wasn't suggesting it was something to explore but more a failing of this movie that it didn't sell me on his commitment and what not as to always having it on. It was enjoyable but I didn't get a sense of the bigger picture.
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