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Re: Going Veggie

J., I can identify with the "country cooking diet". I grew up on it, too! Unfortunately, when I became disabled, I still ate that kind of food. Now, I'm not only ill, but overweight.

Part of the difficulty taking care of my mother, is that SHE still wants to eat that way. Last night was a breakthrough (I hope!). I explained to Mom (one... more... time...) why she needed to diet. [She has been bedridden for 4 years now. She refuses to diet, or even eat healthy, and has gained enough weight that our aide/friend and I are having back problems moving her.]

This time she seemed to be listening. Last week my lab results showed: diabetes under control, can stop taking cholesterol medications, etc.

I showed her how I count carbs instead of calories, from my Nutrition class. She seems to be catching on and I think she likes being in control of her diet, too.

I like Carb Counting rather than dieting or veggie-ism:
First, I could never be a vegetarian and vegans I've met are too preachy for me to ever follow their way.
Second, I grew up an Ohio farm boy, raising beef cattle, a few hogs for eating, corn and wheat. Except for corn, veggie people tell me all that is evil.
Third, vegetables are like Chinese food... I can eat forever and not feel full... and an hour later I'm hungry again.
Last, people with Fibromyalgia (me!) crave protein because their bodies need more protein than most people. (Possibly to repair damaged nerve endings, I read recently.)

Carb Counting is something I can get into... I've always loved reading, including labels. Lean meat is free Carbs (LOVE that!), so are most veggies (I love veggies, but not solely). Since it seems to be working for me, I'll stick to Omnivore Carb Counting. "What works best is what works for you."

I've seen couscous, but didn't know anything about it. After reading this, I'll check it out. Also, some other foods you have all posted will be checked out.
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