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Re: DS9, Worf and Continuity.

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I think there are several other more worthy 'Worf to DS9' continuity nit-picks than this one. Things like this:

TNG (New Ground): Helena brings Alexander back to Worf on the Enterprise because she and Sergey are too old to handle him.

TNG (Firstborn): Worf adamantly opposes K'mtar trying to send Alexander to boarding school, arguing that his son belongs with him.

DS9: Worf sends his son to live with his now even older parents who didn't want the kid just a few years ago.
That's easy enough to rationalize. While living with his grandparents the first time, Alexander was acting out because his mother had just died and the father he just met had abandoned him. After a year of this, Worf's parents had enough of this and felt Worf should just man up and raise his own son. Several years of bonding with his father while playing cowboy holodeck programs and taking mudbaths obviously calmed Alexander down enough so that when he returned to Earth and his grandparents (presumably of his own accord, this time) he was better behaved and so the Rozhenkos had no problem with him being around.

As for the boarding school, Worf knew Alexander woudn't last at Klingon school. As it was, Alexander was pretty socially awkward when he first arrived on the Rotarran.
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