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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

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The thing about force fields and antigravity is that they are slow. Dog slow. Think about all the times we've seen an antigrav sled or M-4 or Nomad slogging around at a top speed of 0.7 miles per hour. We can blame TV production again here; but also, when people's lives are at stake and collision avoidance is paramount, you can't really afford high speed or acceleration when there's no friction-based means of slowing things back down.
I'm not sure how you can claim all antigravs, M-4 or Nomad to be slow.

In "The Changeling", Kirk and Spock latch onto Nomad with the antigravs and run all the way from engineering to the transporter room and they did make some left-right zigs. If they were in better shape or powered by Trek thrusters or maglev devices I'd wager they'd be mighty quick.

M-4 was a predecessor to the M-5 computer system. I don't know about M-4, but M-5 was attached to the Enterprise and I'd say the Enterprise was also mighty quick.

Nomad's method of flight is unknown and probably not Federation tech. How is this applicable?

What's interesting is in "Disaster", almost everything fails, including the turbolift's emergency clamps. But the gravity system works great. Which brings up an observation: the lift cabs are subjected to gravity (there is a down direction for them.)

So the lifts not only must deal with gravity (antigrav?), also acceleration (inertial dampers?) and also up/down/left/right/forward/back/yaw movement. That's a pretty sophisticated car

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