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Also, I found Dredd himswlf came off as nothing more than a mean-spirited bully. Granted, Dredd is never a nice guy, and I'm sure the terms mean-spirited and bully have been applied to him in the comics to some degree of accuracy. But based on my (admittedly very limited) knowledge of the character based on Karl Urban's take on the character and some Judge Dredd novels I've read Dredd seems more like someone who tries to do the right thing and be a decent person, he just doesn't believe in social niceties or having any kind of manners or redeeming personality traits. Stallone's take on the character is basically just "Ha ha, I I'm a tough who can kick your ass and get away with it and if you have a problem with that I will kick your ass."
There are Dredd novels? But yeah, for the most part, that assessment of the Dredd character (at least until the lead up to the Necropolis story arc and that one storyline with the mutants).
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