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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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Every offensive and defensive coach on the Bears' staff, with the exception of defensive backs coach Jon Hoke, has been released. I don't think Cutler's going to be too happy about Jeremy Bates' dismissal.
Not surprising that a new coach wants to bring in his own guys. The only surprise to me was Toub leaving early to take the exact same role in KC--I assume he saw the writing on the wall.
Toub was the most frustrating departure, but the least surprising: He had been looking to leave since at least 2010, and reading between the lines it seems he had a really tense negotiation for his extension in 2011 after interviewing for the Miami head coach job (which I'm going to guess is due to Angelo lowballing him). I believe he was also denied permission to interview for a few other vacancies last year and before.

Toub is directly responsible for Devin Hester having any worth whatsoever. He's going to be missed a lot.

I guess I'm just not a huge fan of blowing up a 10 - 6 team's entire coaching staff (outside of Tice. Fuck you, Mike Tice), and I'm still not a fan of the decision to fire Lovie. I know that Trestman isn't a a complete rube, but he's been out of the league for eight years, and gameplanning has changed a lot since then, while he's had success in Montreal because, to some extent or another, Anthony Calvillo is a beast of a man who just signed a two-year extension at age 40 and is without a doubt the greatest quarterback to never play in the NFL. As I said earlier, praying for Marv Levy but terrified of getting Rod Rust.

The guy was passed over for Jerry fuckin' Kill for the Minnesota Gophers job, for heaven's sake.
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